Silence, Brand! Marketers, Don’t Do Social Media Before Reading It

The social media is a marvel of our time. It’s a place that allows people to express their thoughts in a way they want to. However, it can sometimes be brutal. Ask any celebrity at the receiving end of a backlash on Twitter. Ask brands who have received numerous silence memes for their brands in the comments section.

We’ll discuss the topic in greater detail. In the meantime, let’s remain with the mix of social media. It has the potential to be a boon for artists and entrepreneurs. However, it also can force some of the largest brands to offer lengthy apology. In a nutshell social media could take you down and pick your down.

This is how powerful social media has become in the present. In 2021, there were 3.96 billion social media users around the world. It is not surprising that businesses sought to take advantage of this potential. They now have the ability to be able to reach an international public. So, they have rushed to social media sites to advertise their products.

Certain brands have had lots of successes. However, most brands did the wrong thing in the beginning. The viral meme “Silence, Brand!” and the hashtag #silencebrand began to develop. Let’s discuss the background of the meme But first, let’s look at its meaning.

What is the Silence brand meme?

The “Silence, Brand!” meme is a fun way to show how companies and brands on social media are attempting to be socially engaging and relatable, welcoming or humorous to grab people’s attention and also to advertise their own products, and their services.

For many users of social media the message is not authentic and often it can be annoying. That’s why they’re posting”silence, brand” memes “silence, brand!” meme and the hashtag #silencebrand began to be utilized.

The meme attempts to convince businesses that consumers can see the possibility of a false motive behind the cool, friendly tone, environmental awareness, or social interaction. They are using these memes to market their own brands.

What was the catalyst for the brand silence meme? Let’s look at the time when brands first appeared on social media.

We will then discuss the lessons that brands can take from the whole saga. Let’s begin from the beginning!

The Arrival of Brands on Social Media

The emergence of brands on social media was not much of an occasion. Certain companies conducted polls that received a decent response. Others ran somewhat successful campaigns, with the aid of giveaways. However, when it comes to making use of the internet’s culture, they were not successful.

It was all until Denny’s Tumblr account!

Denny’s Tumblr Account

Denny’s is an American restaurant chain with over 1,700 branches across the globe. In April of 2013, Denny’s created their official Tumblr account. The account was a game changer for companies on social media. There was something new in the way Denny’s communicated with its people on Tumblr.

They created memes based on the food they ate that people thought were amusing. Additionally, they engaged in a friendly exchange between others Tumblr users. These interactions have become famous to the present day. Here’s a sample from the extensive Denny’s Tumblr collection:

In the wake of these interactions, and their memes Denny’s Tumblr account was a huge hit. It was a huge success due to the social media staff’s sense of humor. Also, Denny’s did the same thing that other brands had tried to achieve for decades.

They were able to tap into the online culture. The audience on social media enjoyed every minute of it.

It is not surprising that other brands also wanted to achieve the same level of success. They began employing the social media teams of their marketing. Some companies went overboard, while others tried to emulate Denny’s style and tone. It’s the way it gradually develops to the arrival of the brand meme of silence.

Other Brands Jumping In

A number of brands have tried unsuccessfully to achieve Denny’s fame. There are also a few examples of brands that have embarrassed themselves.

Take Wendy’s failed effort to tap into internet culture. Their commercial from 2015 included a character dubbed “The Memer.”

Social media took no time in declaring this commercial completely out of date. Viewers rated their commercial anything from old-fashioned to cringeworthy. There are many other instances of brands that are off the mark by a mile on social media.

Brands Finally Succeeding

Brands began to fail to replicate Denny’s success and many were convinced that it wouldn’t occur. Denny’s popularity Tumblr might not be a singular event They believed. The younger generation of social media users will not allow corporates to be part of the society.

Then it was a kind of social media revolution was witnessed by these brands. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A were among the first to join.

Today, every firm had its own social media page that had a funny and relatable character. They engaged in daily banter with each other. You can find funny comments and disses on Twitter.

At first the social media users were enthralled by it. In the end, companies were doing what they would with social media. The quirky, odd personality of these corporate accounts was akin to their own. This is why they started sharing and sharing and retweeting.

To these brands, it was a cause for celebration. After years of failure to connect with young people They finally succeeded. They began to enjoy every minute of it. Social media marketing professionals got pay increases and everything else.

Then, it was apparent that things were to get out of hand. The silence brand meme came into existence!

A Resounding Silence Brand!

Brands started to gain the attention they sought through social media. The bizarre, quirky character of their social media accounts worked. Then, certain brands started doing it too much.

For some users on social media their daily banter was becoming way too much. Brands also began to comment on every aspect of social media.

This is when we began witnessing social media failures by businesses.

But they aren’t the only reason for why the meme “Silence Brand” was created. There are other factors to consider.

Certain brands have chosen to follow the trend. They have even made fun of this trend, which seems as a far more genuine method of communicating with customers. Take a look at this illustration of BarkBox it is a gift box that is sent out monthly for dogs.

The Bottom Line

At first, the companies on Twitter were humorous. But , then the social media users started to discern the fakes. What is the motivation behind all the funny memes and banter? What is it that brands are hoping to get from growing social media followers? The goal is to get people purchase their products, that’s it.

These companies are just brands. They’re not real However, the accounts they have on social media seem to make them appear like they do. This is why all the humour and personality appear fake.

It is yet another method of advertising their brand. It’s a deliberate attempt to portray a friend image to the younger social media users. However, in reality, they’re corporations trying to make money wherever they are able to. They’re not just your friends engaging in social media chats.

As increasing numbers of people realized that, the silence brand meme was born.

The Meme

As you can see, the meme depicts an eye-catching blue-eyed spider crab lasering down a tiny creature. The spider crab has silenced this creature to make it better. This meme calls for the social media platforms to shut down for good. The meme is a warning to companies that utilize social media in order to be amusing and accessible.

“Silence brand” was a popular meme “silence brand” meme did not stop any brands from expressing their opinions however. Marketing and companies must learn from it. What marketing lessons can you learn from this most famous anti-marketing joke? Let’s discover!

Lessons From the Silence Brand Meme

Brands responded differently to the brand silence meme. Some of them completely ignored it, while others responded. Some even used the joke to continue their chatter. Here’s how Funyuns got around that:

Brands can learn a crucial lesson from the silence meme. This knowledge can assist brands in avoiding from making mistakes. Here’s the important lesson:

Silence Is Vital

We have previously seen an error that a company made using social networks. What are the reasons brands make these errors?

They are eager to discuss every topic. They are eager to join every meme’s trend. In other words they are overly enthusiastic by spouting tweets and bantering. They are met with a loud silence in response.

This is why it’s important to realize how crucial silence is in this world. Your company doesn’t need to be silent like the internet wants. But it is important to stay clear of being constantly.

Your company’s name isn’t associated to the person who won this reality show. Your company doesn’t need to be tweeting about every issue. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to remain silent. Your account and social media aren’t working.

Instead, you should be looking to interact in discussions that relate to your company’s image. You can be entertaining and relatable when you talk about topics you are familiar with. Why not talk about subjects which your brand is an authority in? It will earn you the respect that many brands are unable to earn.

They appear too hip! Some try to present themselves as cool! They want to make comments on everything. The trick is to stay clear of making these errors. Why? Because sometimes silence is the best.

Based on the “Silence Brand” Meme, What Not to Do in Marketing?

After looking through a variety of memes We come up with these conclusions:

  1. Do not engage in any environmental or social cause on social media to look good. It’s not part and parcel of your lifestyle and everyday actions do not make yourself appear a fool by creating social media campaigns.
  2. Then comes the second aspect of learning. Establish a culture of social accountability and sustainable marketing before posting it on social media.
  3. Don’t participate in social discussions that effectively expose your products. People aren’t on social media for consumption but to connect with friends.
  4. Don’t overdo it. If you’re successful in one area do not push yourself beyond the limit. Some people may be impressed at first, but not always.
  5. Don’t pretend to be an older or teenage person, if you have an official corporate policy to adhere to and you don’t want to sound like them at the end. It appears very fake.
  6. Be truthful, don’t sell your product because it’s you own it. Demonstrate the true advantages.
  7. Be wary of political opinions. You could lose half your customers.

Learning From the Blunders

If you seek it out there are countless social media mistakes made by companies. Your company may have had similar errors before. It is important to learn from your mistakes. Brands have to evolve over time in order in order to remain relevant.

Therefore, avoiding similar mistakes is not enough. It is also important to learn some knowledge from the mistakes you made. When you have learned the right lessons ensure that you keep the lessons. If you can do this you can help your brand avoid being a victim of “silence brand” putdowns.

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