Best Paying Jobs in Containers/Packaging

Are you looking the chance to work in the industry of packaging/containers but aren’t sure if it is the best job choice for you? The positive reason is that it is. Although a career in the field of packaging and containers may be a fairly new area however, it offers numerous opportunities to earn an income that is decent.

There are a variety of packaging jobs that are available starting from entry-level jobs to more specific positions. If you have the right qualifications and experience, you have the possibility of earning a decent amount in this industry. Here are some of the best-paid jobs in containers/packaging:

  1. Director of Packaging: $130,000-$180,000
  2. Senior Packaging Engineer: $110,000-$170,000
  3. Packaging Manager: $100,000-$150,000
  4. Packaging Engineer: $80,000-$120,000
  5. Senior Designer: $70,000-$100,000
  6. Design Manager: $60,000-$90,000
  7. Brand Manager: $60,000-$85,000
  8. Marketing Manager: $55,000-$80,000
  9. Product Manager: $50,000-$75,000
  10. Sales Manager: $45,500-$70,500
  11. Business Development Manager: $40,500-$60,500
  12. Account Manager: $35,500-$55,500
  13. Key Account Manager: $33,500-$53,500
  14. Field Sales Representative: $32,000-$52,000
  15. National Accounts Representative: $30,000-$50,000

Container and packaging jobs can be rewarding and lucrative. If you’ve got the right qualifications and experience it is possible to making a decent salary in this area.

Best Paying Jobs in Containers/Packaging

Director of Packaging: $130,000-$180,000

The main responsibility of packaging/container directors is overseeing the operations of packaging for their business. This involves the management of staff, budgeting, and ensuring that the packaging is in compliance with the strictest requirements of regulatory agencies.

The company also work in conjunction with departments of their organization to ensure that their packaging is able to meet the requirements of customers as well as other stakeholders.

Why Are Containers/Packaging Directors Paid so Well?

There are many reasons directors of packaging and containers are among the most highly-paid professionals in the sector. They have significant responsibility. They are accountable for an important aspect in the chain of supply, and ensuring that packaging complies with the requirements of all regulations. In addition, they must be well-versed in information about packaging.

They should be able comprehend the various kinds of materials that are used in packaging, and how those materials can be utilized in the creation of packaging that fulfills the requirements of customers as well as other stakeholders. In addition, they should possess strong leadership abilities. They must be competent in managing budgets and staff effectively, while also motivating their employees to achieve high standards.

Senior Packaging Engineer: $110,000-$170,000

The Senior Packaging Engineer plans, creates and implements packaging procedures and systems for manufacturing products. They work together with team members and other engineers to design packaging that is compatible with the demands of the product as well as the customers. An experienced Senior Packaging Engineer usually holds a bachelor’s in engineering, and five plus years’ working experience in the field of packaging design.

What Does a Senior Packaging Engineer Do?

An experienced Senior Packaging Engineer design, creates and implements packaging processes and systems for manufacturing products. They work alongside other team members and engineers to develop packaging that fulfills the requirements of both the product and customers. A Senior Packaging Engineer usually has a bachelor’s level in engineering, as well as 5 plus years’ work experience in manufacturing packaging.

The responsibilities of an experienced Senior Packaging Engineer are:

  • Packaging design for new products
  • Improving existing packaging designs
  • Making prototypes of packaging designs
  • Test prototype packaging designs
  • Maintaining and creating specifications for packaging
  • Partnering with suppliers to select the materials and equipment needed for packaging processes
  • Supervising installing packaging machines
  • Production workers are taught how to operate packaging equipment
  • Troubleshooting packaging problems and equipment
  • Doing a cost analysis of packaging options

Packaging Manager: $100,000-$150,000

The responsibilities of a manager are different based of the amount and nature of business that they work for. There are however some typical tasks that all packaging supervisors perform. These include directing the design of packaging and coordinating with suppliers Quality Assurance testing, and managing budgets.

In larger organizations packaging managers could be also responsible for preparing marketing campaigns, and teaming up with sales managers to assure that the products are well packaged and ready for the market. They might also be required to attend trade shows and have meetings with customers to discuss their packaging requirements.

Being a packaging manager requires at least a bachelor’s level degree in the field of Packaging Science or an equivalent field. Employers also look for applicants with previous experience in the packaging industry whether in the design or manufacturing. If you’ve got these credentials and experience, you will be able to find an attractive job as a packaging supervisor.

Packaging Engineer: $80,000-$120,000

The job that a Packaging Engineer has are working with customers as well as other stakeholders to learn about the product’s requirements and specifications for packaging. They also study and test various materials and designs to find the ideal option for their product.

After a design is selected After a design is selected, they supervise the manufacturing of the packaging to make sure that it is in line with the specifications for quality. In certain cases packaging engineers can also assist in marketing efforts by creating point-of-purchase displays and various marketing materials.

Education and Training

The majority of packaging engineers hold an undergraduate qualification in engineering, but they may also have degrees in other fields like marketing or business. A lot of employers prefer applicants with an experience in the food or beverage industry along with experience with the computer-aided designing (CAD) applications. Certain companies might require applicants to complete additional training or obtain accreditations in order to be able to apply for a job.

Skills and Qualities

In addition to possessing strong technical abilities packaging engineers should also be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, including clients. They must comprehend the requirements of their customers and translate their requirements into specific packaging requirements. They should also be capable of work within budget and deadline restrictions. Other crucial skills and characteristics include a creative approach to problem solving as well as attention to detail and project management abilities.

Senior Designer: $70,000-$100,000

A senior designer for packaging/containers is in charge of designing packaging for the products. They work with customers to understand their requirements and then design designs that meet these demands. The company also work alongside manufacturers make sure their packaging has been created in a safe manner and is compliant with all safety requirements.

Senior designers in packaging/containers typically hold a bachelor’s education in graphics design or packaging or another related field. They should be able make use of computers-aided design (CAD) software, and also have excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

What Are the Duties of a Containers/Packaging Senior Designer?

The job of a packaging/container senior designer includes having meetings with customers to discuss their requirements as well as analyzing developments in designing packaging and developing prototypes of packaging designs reviewing designs in response to feedback and directing the design of packaging. They are also responsible in educating junior designers and overseeing their work with other design professionals who are part of their team.

Design Manager: $60,000-$90,000

Packaging design managers are accountable for the design and development on packaging design concepts for their products. These managers work closely with the marketing sales, sales, as well as teams responsible for product development to make sure that the packaging meets the requirements of the client along with the requirements of their product. They are also accountable for directing their work for packaging design as well as making sure deadlines are adhered to.

The job of a packaging design manager consist of investigating patterns in designing packaging and generating ideas for new packaging designs making prototypes of brand new designs, presenting them to senior management or clients and overseeing the creation of packaging and ensuring an understanding of production and printing procedures. They might also be responsible for overseeing a team of designers, and also working in conjunction with the various departments of their organization.

Packaging design managers typically hold at least a bachelor’s qualification in graphic design, or in a related field. They should possess strong concepts, creativity and attention to detail abilities to manage projects, and exceptional communication skills.

If you’re seeking in an occupation in managing packaging designs, you’ll need solid conceptual skills and creativity, as well as focus on detail, project management skills, and exceptional communication abilities. The bachelor’s level in graphics design or another related field is required.

Brand Manager: $60,000-$85,000

As a brand manager of packaging and containers Your primary responsibility will be to design and implement marketing strategies for your business’s packaging and containers products. This will require working in close collaboration with other departments within your business including sales, product development and finance.

Additionally, you would be responsible to manage budgets, research new technologies and products, and analyzing trends in the market. Additionally, you’ll be expected to build connections with important customers and clients.

The normal day-to-day tasks of a brand’s container/packaging manager may consist of:

  • With other department directors to discuss marketing plans and goals
  • Developing budgets for marketing campaigns
  • The research of new products and technologies.
  • Analyzing market trends
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with customers and clients

Marketing Manager: $55,000-$80,000

The most important responsibilities for Marketing Managers is to design and implement plans for marketing that meet objectives in relation to market share, profitability, revenue growth, and the acquisition of customers. To achieve this, they should be aware of the market for containers and packaging and trends, customers and competition.

They make use of this knowledge to discover opportunities and create strategies that help their company differentiate its position in the marketplace. Marketing Managers are accountable in managing budgets, establishing KPIs, and making sure that campaigns are completed in time and within budget.

Marketing managers usually report to an Executive Director, or Vice-President of Marketing however, they may be a part of the CEO or General Manager. They usually have between 5 and 10 years of experience in marketing and at least three years in an executive position. In addition, they must have worked in B2B environments as well as an in-depth knowledge of how to generate leads and boost sales with marketing initiatives.

What Skills Does a Marketing Manager Need?

To succeed in this position Marketing Managers must be a great communicator and possess exceptional writing abilities. They must be able clearly explain their goals for their campaigns and initiatives to both external and internal people.

In addition, they should be extremely organized and have solid project management skills to ensure that campaigns are completed in time and on budget. In addition, they need to be able to analyze data and to utilize data to guide the decision-making process.

Product Manager: $50,000-$75,000

The primary task of a product manager for containers or packaging is to make sure that the product meets the requirements of customers. They accomplish this by making and maintaining specifications for packaging and cooperating with suppliers, ensuring quality control, and directing packaging projects. The product manager for containers and packaging collaborates with other departments, such as sales, marketing manufacturing, and marketing to ensure that products are packed correctly and effectively.

The responsibilities of a packaging/container product manager can be classified into four major categories: developing and maintaining specifications for packaging as well as coordinating with suppliers, monitoring quality control, and directing packaging projects.

Creating and Maintaining Packaging Specifications

One of the main tasks of a packaging producer is the responsibility to develop and maintain specifications for packaging. This requires working closely with sales and marketing teams to comprehend the requirements of the clients and translating these demands into specific requirements for packaging.

The product manager for packaging and containers is also accountable for ensuring that specifications for packaging are up-to-date in line with the requirements of customers evolve over time.

Sales Manager: $45,500-$70,500

The packaging sales managers are accountable for directing the selling of materials for packaging to clients. They work with customers to identify their requirements and then formulate strategies to satisfy those needs. Along with supervising sales, they oversee sales reps and provide them with assistance and direction.

This involves training them in the product and developing their selling abilities. As a supervisor, they’re accountable for making sure that the team is meeting its sales goals. In order to achieve this, they should have a thorough understanding of the industry of packaging and be able recognize new trends and opportunities.

The job demands excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, along with ability to solve problems. It is also essential to be competent to work efficiently under pressure and adhere to deadlines. This job offers an excellent salary as well as an opportunity to earn a commission from sales.

Business Development Manager: $40,500-$60,500

Management of Business Development work in many industries, overseeing the creation potential business ventures as well as overseeing the expansion and expansion of current accounts. In the container and packaging industry business development managers are accountable to identify potential partners and customers, and also establishing strategies for marketing and selling products.

They are also required to work in conjunction with the other divisions within the organization to ensure that the company’s requirements of the business are fulfilled. Business development managers usually have at least a bachelor’s qualification in business or in a related field. They should have strong analytical interpersonal and communication abilities.

Account Manager:$35,500-$55,500

A container/packaging account manager is accountable for developing and managing relationships with customers in the packaging and containers industry. Account managers work together with customers to understand their requirements and suggest solutions and products that fulfill those needs.

Additionally the account manager is responsible to make agreements, oversee the timelines of projects, and make sure that the expectations of the client are fulfilled. Account managers will also be in charge of identifying new business opportunities as well as maintaining existing clients.

In order to be successful in this position the manager of accounts must be able to communicate and negotiate with aplomb skills, in addition to an understanding of packaging and containers industry.

Key Account Manager:$33,500-$53,500

Key account managers are accountable for managing and developing relationships with important accounts. Key account managers usually work in departments such as sales and customer service department of the business and are directly accountable to the vice-president of sales or director of customer service.

The responsibilities of the key account manager differ based of the company’s size as well as nature of company, but usually includes implementing and developing strategies to boost sales by conducting market research, writing sales reports, and coordinating budgets. Key account managers can also be accountable for training and coaching new account managers.

What Does a Container/Packaging Key Account Manager Do?

Key account managers are accountable for managing and building relationships with important accounts. Key account managers usually work in either the customer or sales service divisions of a business and are directly accountable to the vice-president of sales or director of customer service.

The tasks of the key account manager differ based upon the scale and nature of company, but usually includes implementing and developing strategies to boost sales and market research, writing sales reports, and overseeing budgets. Key account managers could also be accountable for training and guiding new account managers.

Field Sales Representative :$32,000-$52,000

Sales representatives in the field of packaging and containers is accountable for promoting and selling packaging items to clients. They work with clients to understand their requirements and then choose the most suitable products to satisfy their needs. Sales agents provide customers with service to answer questions and solve any issues that might arise. They also stay up-to date on the most recent industry trends and advancements in order to be able to better serve their customers.

Sales representatives generally work for full-time hours and are paid with a salary and commission. Some entry-level positions require only an high education diploma however the majority of employers prefer applicants with a minimum of college education. People who have a background in marketing or business will have the most favorable chances of getting a job.

National Accounts Representative :$30,000-$50,000

The role of a container/packaging national account representative is to oversee relationships with customers in order to keep and increase sales. This involves identifying the business of tomorrow, making deals and making sure customer requirements are being met. National account representatives need to keep up to date with current trends and changes in order to give their customers current information.

It is worth noting that the pay for this job is decent, ranging between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. Furthermore, since it is a managerial job it is possible to earn additional earnings via commissions and bonuses.

The hours are lengthy and some travel may be necessary but the job is incredibly satisfying. If you’re looking to have an exciting and rewarding career in the packaging industry or containers, then this could be the ideal job for you.

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